Why Stopguessing?

1. Create better games
2. Sell more copies
3. Be more confident
4. Avoid facepalms

Dodge the Designer's Facepalm

You definitely want to avoid the game industry infamous “Designer’s Facepalm”. It’s a common reaction among designers, usually shown when their game has been put into the players’hands for the first time.

Every new video game, app or website put out on the market is introduced with assumptions about how it will be used. However, it’s only through actual experience that “use” is defined and shaped by a number of factors.

<strong>Dodge the Designer's Facepalm</strong>
<strong>No, gamers are not donkeys</strong>

No, gamers are not donkeys

It is extremely easy to label gamers that don’t understand how to play your game as “donkeys”. However, the truth is that early feedback from gamers can make the difference between a brilliant success and a complete failure.

User testing is a necessary wakeup call for the developers who get lost in fantasizing about how super awesome their game is.

As legendary game designer Jesse Schell says: testing can be humiliating, but it is good and necessary for your game.

StopGuessing is game developers' best friend

StopGuessing provides videogame developers and publishers with actionable insights and reliable information to make informed decisions. Our clients gain the competitive advantage necessary to maximize their skills, efforts and investments.

You should stop guessing about what will happen on your day-one, and start knowing.

<strong>StopGuessing is game developers' best friend</strong>