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Game Designers have to predict the future

Game Designers have to predict the future

In order to craft successful gaming experiences, designers’ task is to
tell in advance how gamers will comprehend, feel and interact with their products. Designers and Developers have to be 100% sure gamers are experiencing their intended design.
We use Psychology as a tool to research and verify intents and predictions.

Don't trust Grandmother

Behind every success in gaming, there is a deep understanding of players’ psychology and extensive testing. We use SCIENCE to test video games and prevent failures. Here, there is no room for guessing: we leave the guessing to Grandmother …and to Zoltar.

Don't trust Grandmother

StopGuessing Workflow

We apply scientific methods to the analysis and testing of your products. The results are actionable insights on how to improve onboarding, players' retention, usability and the overall user experience.


Starting from the definition of the designers' intents, we focus on the analysis of various aspects of the game: design, progression, competition, target audience, sales and marketing strategies.


Your game is put to the test employing Expert Evaluation, User Testing, and Heuristic Evaluation. The aim is finding problems as early as possible in the development, when there is still time to fix them.


The results are actionable recommendations that will improve the quality of your game. The boost of confidence in the project will also improve your team's morale.

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