Our Services

We contribute at every point in the development process with developers and publishers: discovery, proposal, pre-production, production, soft and hard launch. At StopGuessing we strongly believe every project is unique: we craft a tailored improvement plan for each of the video games we work on. Some of the services we offer are listed below.


Expert Evaluation
The evaluation of your video game is aimed at identifying and documenting usability and design issues against a large set of usability principles, game design heuristics, and human-computer interface rules.
Simulated Review
Your video game is being reviewed well before its launch. Professionals point out strenghts and weaknesses, provide a review score forecast, and suggest how to improve the reception among the media. This analysis allows Publishers, Marketing and PR experts to carry out informed decisions.
SWOT Analysis
This analysis identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for any title. It focuses on the video game quality but also on the marketing and sales scenes.
Onboarding / Retention Analysis
This analysis focuses on the mechanisms through which new gamers acquire the necessary knowledge and skill to become proficient at your game and how they might fall in love with it.
Competitor Analysis
Your title is compared against key competitors in order to identify the place it will occupy in the mind of its target audience. This analysis will help you create a unique title.
Sales and PR Analysis
Professionals review sales and PR strategies and point out opportunities to maximize the reception of the title and its unique selling propositions. This analysis focuses on pricing, advertising, monetization schemes, as well as on community building.
Review Analysis
A deep analysis of what the critics have said about a specific title. Positive and negative comments are collected and analyzed for a detailed and reliable post-mortem of your video game – or a competitor’s.
Online Survey
Do you need to collect information on a specific topic from gamers all around the world? We can build a bias-free set of questions and promote the data collection among specific target audiences.
Tailored Research
Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are sure we can find the answers you are looking for. Ask us anything!


Carefully selected gamers from your target audience are recruited and invited to play your video game in a confidential and safe environment. Their gameplay is recorded and analyzed, as well as their opinions on the game.
QA Testing
Discovery, identification, reporting and verification of general problems within the video game itself, such as stability issues, game mechanic issues, and game asset integrity.


Masterclass, Workshop, Boot camp
Intensive learning experiences with lectures, exercises, and case studies will help you choose the best approach for Games User Research in your team or company. Learn about research and analysis methods, get participants working together, make immediate and effective changes to your practice, be inspired by the change that made your favourite videogame perfect thanks to Games User Research. All our workshops can be adapted to meet your needs