WRC: FIA World Rally Championship

During the user testing of WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, the designers’ intents I had to answer the following designers’ intent related questions: Do players find the car handling realistic? Do players find the car handling approachable? Do players find the stage design challenging enough? Realism and approachability of the car handling model and challenge of stage design are very broad and general concepts which at first glance appear to be poorly adaptable to measurements and verification. It was assumed that a realistic car handling model should allow expert rally video game players to drive in “rally style” as seen on TV and let them apply rally driving techniques (such as drifting, Scandinavian flick, handbrake turn, etc). An approachable car handling model should allow novice players to understand how to drive within a few minutes, at least in a basic way. Thus, the comparison between game metrics of expert and novice players were introduced in order to verify the two points. A challenging stage design was assumed to be the one that should provide players with enough variety throughout each single stage (i.e., the track in rally), as well as between different stages. Individual interviews, questionnaires, video recordings and game metrics have been collected in order to test with data our hypotheses. Several interesting issues have been found and contributed to the improvement of the game.

Guardini, P. and Maninetti, P. (2013). Better Game Experience through Game Metrics: A Rally Videogame Case Study. In El-Nasr M. S., Drachen A., and Canossa A. (Eds), Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data (pp. 325-361). London, United Kingdom: Springer-Verlag.

Game: WRC: FIA World Rally Championship
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Black Bean Games

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